Why Is The Rolling Machine Always Not Durable?

- May 18, 2020-

The application of wire rolling machine is more and more popular now, but there is always someone who will say: why? What's wrong with the thread rolling machine we use on the site and it doesn't last long? In fact, the principle is very simple. There are three aspects you didn't notice!

nai thread rolling machine


The use of coolant must meet the needs of the rolling machine. It is strictly prohibited to use some "oily" or "ordinary" types. It must be used in strict accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer. In addition, it is forbidden to start the machine to process the thread when there is no liquid in the machine. Finally, the box containing the coolant shall be cleaned and maintained regularly.


The end of the processed steel bar shall be flat and not bent. It is forbidden to put the end of gas cutting directly into the wire rolling machine for processing, which will cause damage to the machine.


At the beginning of cutting, it should be processed at a uniform speed, otherwise it is easy to crack the blade end. In this regard, the cutting place should also be cleaned up in time, the long-term accumulation will damage the stability of the rolling machine.