World Development Of Sewing Machines

- Jan 11, 2019-

After the Industrial revolution in the 18th century century, the great production of the textile industry promoted the invention and development of sewing machines. The 1755 German registered sewing machine patents in the UK but lack of examination, in 1790, the British carpenter Thomas Shanter Thomas Saint first invented the world's first single-threaded, post-threaded, stitched leather shoes used in one-line chain of hand sewing machines. In the 1841, French tailor B timonier (Barthelemy thimonnier) invented and manufactured a chain-linked thread sewing machine with crochet hooks. In the 1845, Ileas Hau (also translated Elias Howay) independently invented the sewing machine, and in 1851, the American mechanic I.M, Riezac Merritt, invented the lock-in-line sewing machine and set up a winning company. The sewing machine for this period was basically hand-shaking.