Industrial Staple Making Machine

To press and form the wire band to the final product staples/staple pins
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1. Hydraulic Pressure Staple/Staple Pin Making Machine  

To press and form the wire band to the final product staples/staple pins

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This machine is suitable for producing U staple such as N staple, K staple, carton staple, etc.

Heavy punching method is abandoned in this machine, and it adopts a hydraulic system for implementation of components, PLC controlled, with characteristics of safety operation, stable performance, low noise and high efficiency. Compared with the traditional punch machine, the speed of this machine is greatly increased.

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2. Wire gluing combiner

Use glue to combine the single wire to suitable width wire band

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This group of machines including wire pay-off rack, front and rear leveling correction equipment can straighten and glue the wires automatically with automatic drying oven.

Main parameters:

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3. Water tank wire drawing and flattening integrated machine

Model #: SSS-TJB-LB200 

High speed water tank wire drawing and flattening integrated machine adopts 17 molds and 4 groups of cone type pulley wheels, all wheels with tungsten carbide coating. The flattening machine adopts tungsten carbide wheel with high hardness and shining surface, which can ensure the exact flattening thickness. This group of machines can work together smoothly like one machine with one starting button.

Maximum in-let wire diameter: 2.0mm

Minimum out-let wire diameter: 0.43mm

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