Staple Making Machine

Staple Making Machine ​hydraulic pin press machine forming machine high efficiency staple making machine
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Staple Making Machine


Brief Introduction 

Making process: Raw material (galvanized wire)  ------->  Wire drawing  -------> Wire flattening  ------->  Wire gluing  ------->  Staples pressing  -------> Staples packing

Technincal Data


Main features

This machine suitable for 3515,3518,

J408- J410-J413-J416-J419-J422-J425

J1006 - J1008 - J1010 - J1013 - J1016 - J1019 - J1022 - J1025.

It abandoned the traditional heavy punch, and adopt a hydraulic system for the implementation of components, PLC controlled, with characteristics of safety operation, stable performance ,low noise and high efficiency. 

Company information 

SSS Hardware Industry Co., Ltd is professional in 

high speed nail making machine 

thread rolling machine to produce ring nail and screw nail

coil nail making machine 

staple making machine

welding wire for coil nails

thread rolling dies


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Staple Making Machine



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