Low Carbon Wire Drawing Machine

Product process 1. Drive: Host straight line wire drawing machine, the first five heads power by the AC frequency motor through high-frequency joint narrow V-belts, spread by the hardened reducer to capstan. And the other six heads power by the AC frequency motor through two high-frequency joint narrow V-belt to capstan. 2. Brake: Clamp brake mounted on the motor pulley, quick stop or emergency stop wire drawing machine, which can effectively brake. Its role not only as a brake, but also to prevent the reel reverse brake, release the clip close to the solenoid valve control clamp brake cylinder. 3. Capstan: The material is ZG45 steel, surface is build-up welded, the surface is brightness, smooth, wear-resistant surfacing height of 150mm, long service life; hub height of 150-200mm. 4. Drawing die box: Die box is welded structure, into two cavity. The guide roller is mounted into the side to ensure that steel wire can straight into the drawing die, die holder should be adjusted to wire tangent to enter the drawing rolls tuning roller installed at the entry end of the mold base tuning roll by a small cylinder put power, tuning the swing of the roller, so that the corresponding sensor output signal to fine-tune the speed of change. Tuning roller wire tension by adjusting the air pressure change, regulation range 0.15-0.6Mpa. The mold box is also equipped with a stirring device. Tuning roller side of the mold box, a gear reducer single-phase capacitance running motor through a sprocket, power passed to the stirring arm to stir the mold box, lubrication powder, without agglomeration affect lubrication. 5. Jump-mode device: When drawn wire specifications total compression rate is less than the required times drawing, can throw a drawing. Rejection mode principles: Inlet is small, outlet is fine, then dumped in front of passes; Inlet is big, outlet is rough, then throw behind the times. When the need dumped mold, the steel wire after the need to jump-mode machine mode box, and then into the next need to pull the mold box so that the wire can be within the effective stroke of the arm swing, thus ensuring the sensor can detect and adjust to match adjacent reel speed. 6. Capstan cooling: Inside of the capstan use narrow slit water cooling, cooling ring fixed in the body, capstan run through the spindle, when the water flow at high speed, during which water turbulence, and emitted from the narrow gap high-speed, high heat transfer efficiency, so that the rolls to cool; outside of the capstan use wind cooling by fan. Capstan tilt installation, increase the capstan product wire to extend the wire and the air heat exchange time. 7. Mold cooling: Drawing Die use open direct water-cooled, adjust the inlet valve to control the water height, when you need to replace the wire drawing dies, close the inlet valve, fast water emptying, and then change the mode, before and after the wire drawing dies, seals available copper pad or aluminum
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Product Details

Low Carbon Wire Drawing Machine

Machine Layout:


Product Application

Pulley type wire drawing machine are suitable for the high & low carbon steel wire, with Siemens PLC & inverter control system to assure high speed & stable operation. Low Carbon steel wire product used in mesh net, steel fiber, nail & staple making, construction, agriculture & furniture field, etc. And other steel wire product used in prestressing wire, PC wire, spring, steel rope wire, steel cord & Bead wire for tyre, etc.




Technical parameters:

Low Carbon Wire Drawing Machine

Capstan diameter


Capstan numbers


Inlet wire diameter


Outlet wire diameter


Tensile strength


Total compressibility


Average compressibility


Max. Speed

12 m/s


22 KW*8

Block type

Vertical ,tilted

Take-up wire

Elephant trunk type take-up system

Tension frame

Internal tension frame.

Main frame

Welding of steel plate and square pipe.

Stop brake

Pneumatic brake

Vacuuming design

Reserve suction hole


Each stand with separate lighting.





Die box

The drawing dies are cooled by self-following water directly, and the cooling effect is very good, which can longer the dies' service life. Die box contains powder and water cooling two parts. The 1st block uses stirring die box.

Pull-up wire discharging

The coiled wire will be discharing with an active motor automatically instead of passive pay-off, which greatly increases the drawing efficiency.


Detailed discription:

High Speed Low Carbon Steel Wire Drawing Machine


Wire drawing drum material

Cast steel, tungsten coating and surfacing, HRC60. Roughness is less than 0.8umm


Drum cooling

1. Drum inside cooling: drum’s inner wall has 3 water channels which displayed in 120 degrees direction by water spraying. 2. Drum external cooling: the ventilation pipe below the outside of the drum uses 360 degrees of forced air cooling on the surface of the drum and wire to lower the surface temperature of the reel below 80 degrees


Die box cooling way

The drawing die is cooled by using direct water inlet and outlet water, and the cooling effect is especially good


Tension machine



Main frame

Steel plate and square tube welding


Safety device

Safety protection cover, broken line stop test


Vacuum design

Vacuum cleaning hole



Each machine is equipped with separate lighting


Parking brake

Pneumatic brake


Electric cabinet

Protection level IP54


Electrical system

Machine distribution structure, PROFIBUS-DP field bus control


Energy consumption

Monitoring is equipped with electricity meter



HUICHUAN (Inovance) brand


Touch screen

HUICHUAN 10inch screen


Frequency motor brand



Low voltage apparatus




HUICHUAN (Inovance) brand





Field cable supply

The dedicated control line is provided by the seller, and other control cables and power cables are provided by the buyer

Our service

Online support Field installation, commissioning and training Video technical support, Machine maintenance and troubleshooting support Spare parts and wearing parts for free or with big discount

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