Low Carbon Wire Drawing Machine

(1) The equipment contains the functions of human-machine dialogue, over-temperature protection for motor, alarm for abnormal water pressure, fault display. (2) It's kind of high-efficient machine with easy operation, high degree of automation. (3) Between the drawing process without intermediate pulley and the guide wheel, it does not generate bending and torsion, and convenient threading (4) Straight line drawing machine suitable for drawing large diameter, high strength and special shaped steel wire (5) As the use of the frequency technology, changes in the larger context of patts of the compression ratio to meet the wide range of technology and high speed drawing. (6) There is no relative sliding between wire and capstan. The quality of finished wire is much better.
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Product Details

Low Carbon Wire Drawing Machine

Machine Layout:

Product Application

Pulley type wire drawing machine are suitable for the high & low carbon steel wire, with Siemens PLC & inverter control system to assure high speed & stable operation. Low Carbon steel wire product used in mesh net, steel fiber, nail & staple making, construction, agriculture & furniture field, etc. And other steel wire product used in prestressing wire, PC wire, spring, steel rope wire, steel cord & Bead wire for tyre, etc.

Technical parameters:

Low Carbon Wire Drawing Machine
Capstan diameter
Capstan numbers
Inlet wire diameter
Outlet wire diameter
Tensile strength
Total compressibility
Average compressibility
Max. Speed
12 m/s
22 KW*8
Block type
Vertical ,tilted
Take-up wire
Elephant trunk type take-up system
Tension frame
Internal tension frame.
Main frame
Welding of steel plate and square pipe.
Stop brake
Pneumatic brake
Vacuuming design
Reserve suction hole
Each stand with separate lighting.

Main Features

● Easy in installation and maintation. ●Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts. ●Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution ●As the use of the frequency technology, changes in the larger context of parts of the compression ratio to meet the wide range of technology and high speed drawing. ●Good cooling system, final wire quality is very good.

Detailed Images

Drawing drum

Cast steel ZG45, surface surfacing and spraying tungsten carbide, HRC60. Surface roughness less than 0.8mm.,hardness HRC>55, the interior part of the capstan is by the process of ZnAl corrosion spraying. The effective life of the capstan is over 22000 hours.

Wheel structure

It makes the wire turn easily and can save motor strength ,better on use and much longer life than the old design

Die box

The drawing dies are cooled by self-following water directly, and the cooling effect is very good, which can longer the dies' service life. Die box contains powder and water cooling two parts. The 1st block uses stirring die box.

Pull-up wire discharging
The coiled wire will be discharing with an active motor automatically instead of passive pay-off, which greatly increases the drawing efficiency.

Detailed discription:

High Speed Low Carbon Steel Wire Drawing Machine
Wire drawing drum material
Cast steel, tungsten coating and surfacing, HRC60. Roughness is less than 0.8umm
Drum cooling
1. Drum inside cooling: drum’s inner wall has 3 water channels which displayed in 120 degrees direction by water spraying.
2. Drum external cooling: the ventilation pipe below the outside of the drum uses 360 degrees of forced air cooling on the surface
of the drum and wire to lower the surface temperature of the reel below 80 degrees
Die box cooling way
The drawing die is cooled by using direct water inlet and outlet water, and the cooling effect is especially good
Tension machine
Main frame
Steel plate and square tube welding
Safety device
Safety protection cover, broken line stop test
Vacuum design
Vacuum cleaning hole
Each machine is equipped with separate lighting
Parking brake
Pneumatic brake
Electric cabinet
Protection level IP54
Electrical system
Machine distribution structure, PROFIBUS-DP field bus control
Energy consumption
Monitoring is equipped with electricity meter
HUICHUAN (Inovance) brand
Touch screen
HUICHUAN 10inch screen
Frequency motor brand
Low voltage apparatus
HUICHUAN (Inovance) brand
Field cable supply
The dedicated control line is provided by the seller, and other control cables and power cables are provided by the buyer
Our service
Online support Field installation, commissioning and training Video technical support, Machine maintenance and troubleshooting support Spare parts and wearing parts for free or with big discount
Company Profile
SSS HARDWARE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD was founded in 2005, specializes in wire drawing machine, nail making machine, high speed nail making machine, wire collating machine,thread rolling machine, ,nail polishing machine,wire drawing machine,Staple Nail Making Machine and related products such as nail,staples,welding wires,thread rods,pneumatic tools,building hardwares. Our factory covers an area of 60000 square meters and owns 300 sets of equipment.We are supported by seven branch work plants to ensure our good quality and prompt delivery. Quality is our priority and your satisfaction is what we are striving for.Our products are very popular in Germany,France,Italy,UK,Turkey,Poland,Slovenia,Bulgaria,Belarus,Serbia,Russia,Canada,America,Mexico,Brazil, Argentina,Vietnam&Korea.You can totally rest assured of our guaranteed quality and our good after-sales service.

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Low Carbon Wire Drawing Machine

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