Straight Line Metal Wire Drawing Machine

Straight Line Metal Wire Drawing Machine

LWX1-6 Serie Pulley Type Wire Drawing Machine
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Product Details

Machine Application

SSS-LZ-6-560 is a new model self-adaption wire drawing line, which adopts AC variable frequency driving, field bus communication and industrial computer control. The drawing line is capable to draw steel wire,aluminum wire and brass wire stably at high speed.The line is equipped with complete electrical control system and relatively independent artesian sealed cooling system.

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Technical Parameters

Qty of Drawing Drums6 sets
 Strength of Input Wireless than 1050mpa
Max. Diameter of Input Wire Ф6.5 mm
Min. Diameter of Output WireФ2.5 mm
Max. Total Compression Rate85%
Max. Drawing Strength6660 N
Max. Drawing Speed460 m/min
Rolling Drum Cooling Mode Inwall narrow slit water cooling and wind cooling
Mould Cooling ModeArtesian cooling
Wire Discharging ModeAltitude pay-off track
Wire Winding Mode800 H-type spool wire winding machine
Driving Mode PLC and touch screen fully digital control
Machine Power30 KW×6 + 15 KW
Water Supply﹤0.2 mpa
Water Consumption1.2-2.5 T/H
 Power Supply380 V+10%,50 HZ,300 A
Air Feed 0.3-0.5 mpa
Air Consumption2 m³/H
Noise85 db
Machine WeightAbout 14,670 ㎏
Machine Dimensions23000×2000×1543 mm(L×W×H)

Machine Components & Features

1. The straight line wire drawing line consists of wire pay-off rack,SSS-LZ6-560 straight line wire drawing machine, 800 H-type spool wire winding machine, control cabinet and operating panel.

2. Wire pay-off rack is independent. It discharges semi-finished wire, and there is a device bringing resistance on the wire, so that the wire would not tousle when the drawing machine slows down.

3. SSS-LZ6-560 straight type wire drawing machine consists of 3 worktables,and there are 2 independent-driven drawing rolling drums in each worktable. The rolling drum adopts independent inwall narrow slit water cooling system and wind wind cooling system, and the cool effect is better. Mould cooling adopts free circulating cooling system. The whole drawing line is equipped with seal-type safety gates. There are easy operating buttons and emergency cut-off cord at the front end of each worktable. There are lighting devices at the working part of the machine.

4. 800 H-type spool wire winding machine is powered by a 15kw variable frequency motor, and the revolving speed is controlled by the host computer.

The control system of this wire drawing line consists of electrical control cabinet and operating floor. The electrical apparatus elements,such as frequency converter and PLC, are installed inside the electrical control cabinet. Buttons and touch screen are installed on the operating floor.

Machine Advantages

1. The drawing line is fully automatic and intelligentized, and it is easy to operate.

2. Noise is very low when the machines are working, and little pollution.

3. The line works very stably at high speed, and the service life is long.

4. The quality of finished wire is good, pass rate is very high. 

Factory and Workshop

Pulley Type Aluminum Wire Drawing Machine (6)

Company Profile

SSS HARDWARE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is a professional machinery solution provider in China. Our production line covers, not limited to,wire drawing machine,nail making machine,high speed nail making machine, wire collating machine,thread rolling machine,nail polishing machine,staple nail making machine and related products such as nail,staples,welding wires,thread rods,pneumatic tools,building hardware.
Founded in 2005,our factory covers an area of 60,000 square meters and owns over 300 sets of manufacturing equipment. With an experienced R&D team, we provide our customers with quality products, practical designs and professional technical support. The manufacturing process keeps strictly to ISO standard, which guarantees the production efficiency and quality of every set of our machines. A quick response service team is prepared to solve any problems our customers might face before & after sales. With the principle of Sincerity, Service and Success, we have won a good reputation word wide.
Hope we can cooperate and win a better future together!

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If you have any interest or question,please don't hesitate to contact me!

Vincent Zhang
MOB/WHATSAPP/WECHAT:+86 16621250493

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