Straight Type Iron Wire Drawing Machine

SSS-LS-6-650 is high performance wire drawing machine , It normally use for nail making industry for that people that want build whole production line to reduce reliance on upstream industry chains, and it can make you decrease your cost and unleash your maximum capacity of production line
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Product Details

Machine Introduction 

In the nail making industry, the direct drawing machine is an important mechanical equipment. It pulls the steel wire coil commonly used in construction 6.5mm to the diameter required for nail making. After drawing, the steel wire strength is enhanced to meet the requirements of nails.

Direct drawing machine has been widely used due to its advantages of high drawing efficiency, good process performance and low abrasion.

In terms of electrical transmission, the drawing process requires the drawing machine to start smoothly and stepless speed regulation. At low speed, the starting torque is large. In the past, dc is always used to drag.The wire drawing machine is a kind of multi-stage linkage drive system, which adopts automatic speed regulation to solve the asynchronous problem in the process of starting, stopping and running.

SSS-LZ-6-650 is a new delevoped wire drawing line for the nail making industry , which use  AC variable frequency motor than can change the speed , It adopts industrial computer control. The drawing line is capable to draw steel wire,aluminum wire and brass wire stably at high speed.The line is equipped with complete electrical control system and relatively independent artesian sealed cooling system.

The advantages of the straight drawing machine are compact structure, small floor area, high drawing density, no torsion in the drawing process, fast drawing speed;As the drawing process is carried out in the cooling lubrication fluid, the wire cooling and lubrication conditions are good, quality assurance.In the process of production and processing, drawing machine of straight into the phenomenon of no torsion and bending, and use the cooling system of a relatively strong, so the wire work hardening rate is low, have relatively good plasticity and toughness.

This wire-drawing machine due to its high efficiency, low consumption production mode has won the support of most users,  because of  the material energy consumption, output, pass rate and production efficiency calculation, the cost of per ton can directly save 10%-30%, the economic benefit of the entire enterprise savings is more obvious.

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Technical Parameters

Qty of Drawing Drums6 sets
Strength of Input Wireless than 1150mpa
Max. Diameter of Input WireФ6.5 mm
Min. Diameter of Output WireФ2.5 mm
Max. Total Compression Rate85%
Max. Drawing Strength6660 N
Max. Drawing Speed460 m/min
Rolling Drum Cooling ModeInwall narrow slit water cooling and wind cooling
Mould Cooling ModeArtesian cooling
Wire Discharging ModeAltitude pay-off track
Wire Winding Mode800 H-type spool wire winding machine
Control PLC and touch screen fully digital control
Power30 KW×6 + 15 KW
Water Supply﹤0.2 mpa
Water Consumption1.2-2.5 T/H
Power Supply380 V+10%,50 HZ,﹥300 A
Air pressure0.3-0.5 mpa
Air Consumption2 m³/H
Noise﹤85 db
Machine WeightAbout 14,670 ㎏
Machine Dimensions23000×2000×1543 mm(L×W×H)


1. The straight type iron wire drawing line includes 6 pcs wire pay-off rack,  that combination can drawing wire diameter from 6.5mm to 2.5 mm ,  800 H-type spool wire winding machine, control box and operating panel.

2. Wire pay-off rack is independent that according to the requirement of customers.  It discharges semi-finished wire,  there is a device comes resistance on the wire, so that the wire would not tousle when the drawing machine slows down.

3. SSS-LZ6-560 straight type wire drawing machine consists of 3 worktables,and there are 2 independent-driven drawing rolling drums in each worktable. The rolling drum adopts independent inwall narrow slit water cooling system and wind wind cooling system, and the cool effect is better. Mould cooling adopts free circulating cooling system. The whole drawing line is equipped with seal-type safety gates. There are easy operating buttons and emergency cut-off cord at the front end of each worktable. There are lighting devices at the working part of the machine.

4. 800 H-type spool wire winding machine is powered by a 15kw variable frequency motor, and the revolving speed is controlled by the host computer.

The control system of this wire drawing line consists of electrical control cabinet and operating floor. The electrical apparatus elements,such as frequency converter and PLC, are installed inside the electrical control cabinet. Buttons and touch screen are installed on the operating floor.

Machine Advantages

1. Automatic and software controll ,easy to operate .

2. Low noise , little pollution .

3. Stable , High Speed , long sevice life .

4. Good quality of after-drawing wire .

Factory and Workshop

Pulley Type Aluminum Wire Drawing Machine (6)

Company introduction

SSS hardware industry was founded in 2005, specializes in nail making machine, high speed nail making machine, wire collating machine, thread rolling machine, nail polishing machine, wire drawing machine, and Staple Making Machines. Our factory covers an area of 60000 square meters and owns 300 sets of equipment. We are supported by seven branch work plants to ensure our good quality and prompt delivery. we have been providing the highest level equipment for clients from all over the world. Our main markets are Europe, America, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Israel, and so on. Over the past 10 years, we have become a long-term supplier for many aquatic product companies and helped many fish and food plants establish their production lines. Based on superior quality, competitive price and the best service, we have gained great approval from customers.Today, We will continuously stick to the core principle of "Sincerity, Service and Success" and offer the best machines for customers by virtue of keeping researching and developing. We are genuinely looking forward to cooperating with you and we hope to create a bright future with you together.

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SSS-LZ-6-560 is a new delevoped self-adaption wire drawing line for the nail making industry , which use AC variable frequency motor than can change the speed , It adopts industrial computer control. The drawing line is capable to draw steel wire,aluminum wire and brass wire stably at high speed.The line is equipped with complete electrical control system and relatively independent artesian sealed cooling system.Wire drawing machine for the nail making industry , this type of wire drawing machine have more capacity than pulley type, the wire after drawing it have more strength grade and more smoothing that make nail need not polish process


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